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Bible Christian Backgrounds

Bible Backgrounds for Projector Media and PowerPoint

Professionally Created Bible Background Images

Sensitive and timely. Christian Bible Backgrounds have been developed to showcase a wide range of views of the Word of God. Bible Backgrounds feature various styles of Scripture as well as many different ways that God’s Word is used. Professionally created for optimal color and sizing, Bible Christian Backgrounds is immediately downloadable and ready for use in themed services about Bible Testaments. Illustrations of God’s Word aid in emphasizing the importance of reading Scripture being immersed in the Bible.

Bible Themed Motions, Stills and Covers Aid in the organization of Worship Celebrations.

Creating a themed celebration service is easy with the aid of Christian Background’s Bible Motions, stills and Illustrated Covers. Combine images depicting the Testaments with various act of Worship to emphasize the importance of the Bible in the lives of Christians. Bible backgrounds have been created to combine several images into one themed worship service by using Bible images in motions, stills and covers. Bible themed services come together quickly with professionally created images of God’s Word, creating a hassle free worship services ready in minutes.


“Inspiring them visually!”

“Thanks so much for your help in creating a resource for communicationg with people and inspiring them visually!”

Stewart, Caboolture Baptist Church, Queensland, Australia


Bible Backgrounds for use with Digital Projectors and PowerPoint

Christian Bible Backgrounds brings images of God’s Word, the Holy Scriptures in different backgrounds enhancing worship services with Bible images for projectors and PowerPoint.

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